List of reasons not to vote for trump

He believes Obama actively supported ISIS.

He claimed that asbestos would have saved the twin towers.

He claimed that global warming is a Chinese hoax.

He praised Kim Jong Un for murder.

He claimed to know more about ISIS than our generals.

He claimed that we didn’t even know who was leading ISIS.

He claimed Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud.

He is pro-torture and, and claims waterboarding ‘isn’t tough enough’

He made fun of John McCain for getting captured in war.

He wanted to execute 5 teens who were wrongly accused of rape.

He said Judge Curiel was unfit to preside his case because of Mexican heritage.

He blamed the Tiananmen Square massacre on the protestors and praised the Chinese government’s “show of strength.”

He withdrew financial support for his OWN BROTHER’S GRANDSON who with cerebral palsy because he was mad at the boy’s parents.

Used his university to target children with mental problems, then coerced them into giving positive reviews.

He reprimanded Trump University employees for not hard selling real estate to families who could not afford them.

He was deceitful in his claims that he would be actively involved in the education at Trump University.

He encouraged Trump University students to max out as many credit cards as they could.

He disparaged free speech on the internet.

His tax policy would reduce federal revenue by $9.5 TRILLION over 10 years. It would also increase the national debt by 80% over 20 years.

Wants to bomb Iraq’s oil fields.

Made racist remarks about Pequot Indians when their casino became more successful than his own.

Incited violence at his rallies by saying he would like to punch protestors in the face, and also by telling his supporters he would pay their legal fees if they attacked protestors.

Called Mexican immigrants druggies, criminals, and rapists.

Wants to ban all Muslims from entering US. (might sound good at first, remember ISIS’ main recruitment tactic is to point out how much the world hates Muslims)

Doesn’t think Muslims can do their jobs.

Called the Geneva Convention “the problem.”

Gets his military advice from watching TV.

Constantly flip-flops his abortion policy.


Supports proliferation of nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia.

He’s never held a public office.

Won’t release tax returns (first president candidate in 40+ years to not release them), even though the IRS says it’s okay.

Tax returns from the 80s show he paid ZERO income tax.

Wants to disband NATO.

Wants to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency. Wants to cut education spending.

Flip-flopped on Afghanistan war.

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.

Said he would date his daughter.

Flip flopped on Muslim ban.

Degrades women based on appearance.

Thinks unemployment could be as high as 42%.

Claimed there is no drought in California.

Was endorsed by North Korea.

Praised Vladimir Putin.

Wants to murder the innocent families of terrorists.

Has banned the press from covering his events.

Is okay with Vladimir Putin killing journalists.

Wanted to bulldoze an old lady’s house to build a limousine parking lot.

His debt strategy is “print more money.”

Claimed Obama was responsible for the Orlando shooting.

Wants to put Muslims into databases, and wants “beyond databases.” (For the record, that’s how the Nazi’s handled the Jews)

Called a woman disgusting for asking to pump breast milk.

Has been endorsed by war criminals.

Wants to sever trade relations with Canada.

Is being used by ISIS to recruit.

Claimed the movement to remove asbestos (which causes cancer) was a mafia movement.

Got into a twitter fight with the parents of a dead US soldier.


credit to u/marisam7 on reddit for helping me find a lot of these and the links.


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