Good Things Happen

I’m starting a blog as a CV of sorts. A place where I can collect my best writings and produce new content. I’m going to start by just copy/pasting some of my posts from other sites and the archives of all my old computers. I’ll produce new content as often as I can.


Anyways, this is my first post, A bit on the shorter side, but a good message.

Good Things Happen


A short anecdote from my trip home:

I was on the subway, during rush hour, in NYC, so obviously it’s a little tight packed. I’m about 6 stops from home when an older (but not elderly, maybe 50) woman collapsed.

Before she even hit the floor, 3 people were helping her back to her feet. Somehow, the crowded car cleared a path to the nearest seat. The person sitting there had already gotten up for her. Another man took a notebook out of his backpack and started fanning her when she sat down. At the next stop, one of the new passengers, who hadn’t even seen her fall, passed her a fresh bottle of water.

She ended up being fine, and looked very grateful. Nobody there knew her. Nobody had anything to gain from helping her. They just did it.

We always hear about the bad things that happen in the world. Don’t forget that good things happen too.


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